Gus Daniel Thomas 

I was born and raised in Detroit starting in the late 1950’s. I moved to California when was 19 with my sister.  I worked for over 30 years in the food service industry mostly as an executive chef.  I met my wife while living in L.A. and we have been together for over 40 years now. We have two great kids and three wonderful grand kids.  We have lived in Colorado, Massachusetts, Colorado again and now in Central California for over 20+ years.

In 2001  I joined my wife for the weekend in Monterey while she was attending a meeting.  I used my free time to hike in Point Lobos State Park where I took some photos with my 1.4 mp Olympus digital camera, that I thought were fantastic (see below).  I was hooked.  I bought a new camera, took classes on-line, went to seminars and took a couple of classes at a community college.  I also talked to pro photographers, read books, magazines and anything else related to photography.  Anytime there was a subject I wanted to learn about I, researched and found the information I was looking for.

I use Canon equipment.   I shoot mainly with a 5D Mark III. I have numerous lens.  My favorite being my Sigma Art 24-105mm lens . Also I love the limited focus that my 50mm f 1.4 gives me and 100mm f 2.8 macro lens for close, close-ups.

I love my time with my camera.  It has made me look at the world with intent and beauty.  I find little things, analyze life, find purpose for things in this world.  I have driven across the US (California to Maine and back) numerous times over the years.  I have found some of the greatest beauty in this county with plenty more to see. 

In 2010, with my wife's encouragement, I decided to go pro with my photography.  You can find me at art fairs through the spring and summer, and in the fall at High Hill ranch up at Apple Hill in Placerville, CA.  Check my calendar for upcoming events.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Support the arts, protect our parks! 

Enjoy Life ~ Recognize Beauty

Gus Thomas

Sunset at Death Valley

Sunset at Death Valley

The start of a love affair with Photography. Taken in Point Lobos State Park, California

Point Lobos State Park, California